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Thank You to All of Our Patrons of Lake Laurentian


Bill Lautenbach

Bill Lautenbach hails from the Grand Rapids area in Michigan and studied Conservation and Natural Resource Administration in Michigan and Colorado.

He came to Sudbury in 1975 and began working as a Planner for the Region. Bill was involved in developing the Regional Official Plan and numerous Secondary Plans for the various communities that made up the region.

Over the years, Bill held a number of positions, including Senior Planner, Director of Planningand Development, Commissioner of Planning and Development, and General Manager of Growth and Development.

Bill was integral in leveraging senior government job creation programs to start the large-scale Re-Greening program in Sudbury in 1978, and is a key reason for the program's long-term success.

Other examples of Bill's vision and passion for the natural environment include the development of the Junction Creek Waterway Park Plan and leading the preparation of the Ramsey Lake Community Improvement Plan- 100 Year Vision.

Bob Rogers


Bob Rogers is a retired Associate Professor from Laurentian University. During his time at Laurentian, he founded the Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program and was involved in facilitating and promoting international exchange programs.

Bob is a passionate advocate for building a healthy community. Bob was a founding member of the Healthy Communities Coalition of Ontario, having been a member of the provincial Board for many years. He spearheaded the development and implementation of Sudbury's Healthy Community Strategy. Bob ensured that Greater Sudbury would be designated as a Regional Centre of Excellencethrough the United Nations University.

As an avid alpine skier Bob held leadership roles in the Canadian Ski Association, the Northern Ontario Ski Division, and the Canadian Olympic Committee. He was a member and Chair of the Nickel District Conservation Authority (Conservation Sudbury), the Greater Sudbury Drinking Water Source Protection Authority, and represented Conservation Sudbury (NDCA} on the Conservation Ontario Council for many years.

Bob has had a lifelong passion for the outdoors and for the protection of our natural environment. Like his wife Nancy, Bob has visited Lake Laurentian for years with his family and is honoured to become a Friends of Lake Laurentian Patron.


Herve & Ursula Sauve

Herve Sauve was born in Glengarry County in Eastern Ontario and obtained a BA in English and Philosophy from the University of Ottawa as well as a Law degree from Queen's.

He moved to Sudbury in July of 1970 to start his career as an Assistant Crown Attorney and later became Head Crown in 1975. In 1992 Herve went into private law practice until 2001.

Ursula Sauve was born in St. Gallen, Switzerlandand, due to a desire to learn English and travel the world, came to visit her aunt and uncle in Sudbury in 1970.

Herve and Ursula met soon after, married and built a life together in Sudbury, exploring the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area with their three sons. Ursula went on to complete a degree in Social Work at Laurentian University in 1986.

The two of them have organized and participated in a broad range of community activities, including ski-loppets and canoe and bike races; they've also served as board members for social service agencies, leisure and sports clubs, and hospitals. Ursula was a driving force behind the Bridge of Nations. The two began part-time retirement when they backpacked around the world in 2001 and now are proud to show off the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area to their grandchildren.

Herve and Ursula are proud to not only be "Friends" of Lake Laurentian but also to become "Patrons" of this wonderful green space in the middle of our city. As two non-natives of Sudbury and experienced world travellers who saw countless beautiful places all over the planet, they can attest that Sudbury with all it has to offer, is the best place on earth to call home and to raise a family.

Dieter and Marlies Schoenefeld have been an integral part of the Sudbury community since 1969.

While Dieter was involved in the building of the Inco Nickel Refinery, Marlies studied biology at Laurentian University.

Marlies shared her passion for the natural world with Dieter and their son Klaus Peter. They have been active members of the Sudbury Naturalists, the Sudbury Ornithological Society, and the Laurentian University Arboretum Advisory Committee, and they have collected data for the Breeding Bird Atlas of Ontario, the Mammal Atlas of Ontario, and the Marsh Monitoring Project.

For many years they have documented loon reproductive efforts for Bird Studies Canada, monitoring Lake Laurentian and a dozen others lakes, leading spring migration hikes.

Marlies is a respected artist in the community and has sponsored 'Plein Air Workshops' at Lake Laurentian. Dieter and Marlies have been hiking the Lake Laurentian trails since 1979.

For Dieter and Marlies the Conservation Area is an urban oasis, full of wonders, beauty and available for all Sudburians to use.

Dieter & Marlies Schoenefeld


Nancy Rogers


Nancy Rogers was born in Kirkland Lake and moved to Nova Scotia as a teenager where she graduated from St. Francis Xavier University. Nancy obtained her teaching credentials at the University of British Columbia.

She and Bob eventually moved to Sudbury where she taught at Lockerby Composite Schoolbefore starting her family with Bob. With their three young children, Nancy took time off from teaching to roam the trails at the Conservation Area.

This was a wonderful time and provided for amazing learning experiences. Many evenings, Nancy, Bob and the children would canoe around Lake Laurentian checking out the beavers and other flora and fauna.

When Nancy returned to teaching, she would bring classes from Lively District S.S. to investigate the wonders and habitats of the natural world in the Conservation Area.

Upon retiring Nancy with friends in tow would ski the wonderful trails available to everyone in the community.



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