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Ida Street Accessible Trail and Entrance

The Foundation has received multiple requests for additional accessible trails as well as better parking options to access the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area (LLCA) at the Ida Street Entrance. The main driver for this project is the community as the lack of parking and access is regularly referenced as a barrier to accessing the LLCA. Our community survey demonstrated that 20% of visitors find limited parking a deterrent or obstacle to visiting the LLCA.


This section of trail was chosen for the accessible trail because of recommendations by members of the community who are differently-abled. 55% of our community stated that they or someone they know would benefit from an accessible trail. We, as a community need to ensure that these needs are met to enable everyone to profit from the benefits of nature and physical activity that the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area has to offer.

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Help us transform the Conservation Area so it can be explored by all!

175356 Ida St Trail (NOV 23-2020) (26 parking spots).jpg

The Accessible Trail and Entrance will include:
- 2km accessible trail
- 2 accessible viewing platforms overlooking scenic wetlands
- 2 turnaround spaces
- 4 trailside rest stops
- 26 new parking spaces, 4 of which are accessible spaces. 


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