The Nickel District Conservation Foundation focuses its efforts on the lands and programs at the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area.  Donate today to make a difference in the future of conservation and environmental education in the North.

Sustainability Fund

The sustainability fund is the most important fund at the Nickel District Conservation Foundation.  This fund supports operating funds and urgent priorities at Lake Laurentian.  The use of this fund may vary from year to year and supports anything from equipment and material purchases to supporting programs. This fund is essential to the continuation of all programs at the Conservation Area. 

Youth Education Fund

Kids Reading Outdoor

Your gift to the Educational Programming Fund ensures affordable opportunities for Schoolchildren of all ages. 

Every year, over 4,000 students visit the Conservation Area to learn about watersheds, environmental protection, stewardship and, much more.  This fund supports staff, equipment and materials needed so that we can keep the costs low and affordable to all students.  

Land Acquisition Fund

This fund supports the planning and acquisition of lands in the Sudbury area that are deemed ecologically important.

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Special Projects:


Nancy's Way

Nancy’s Way will provide a safer and easier path to the Lookout on the Point Trail at the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area (LLCA). Funds raised for Nancy’s Way will also support upgrading the lookout to make it a more inviting place to learn about and appreciate the LLCA.  

Ida Street Parking Lot and Accessibility Fund

This fund supports the construction of the parking lot with accessible parking at the Ida Street entrance to the Conservation Area.  It also includes a 2km accessible trail with viewing platforms at the Ida Street entrance.  This fund will ensure that everyone has access to enjoy the trails and views at Lake Laurentian. For more information, click here.

Bioski Cross-Country Ski and Snowshoe Club

The BioSki Cross-Country & Snowshoe Club has maintained trails in the Laurentian Lake Conservation Area for classic skiing and snowshoeing since 1974.  Our desire is to provide a unique cross-country skiing and snowshoeing experience to residents of our community and to visitors to our region.  Find out more here.

Adventure is Out Fact it's In Our Backyard.

Trail Maintenance and Development Fund

Your gift to the Trail Maintenance & Development Fund ensures safe and free access to over 60km of maintained trails. 

The fund supports staff, equipment, and supplies to maintain trails, bridges, boardwalks, and all other aspects of the trail.  Learn more about the trails here.

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